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Socks Boxes

Custom Socks Boxes

Typically made of cotton or synthetic thread, socks require careful care to keep out dust, grime, chemical and industrial odours, dampness, and other environmental pollutants. Because of this, it is necessary to use specialised boxes for packaging and selling socks. So, when developing the socks boxes, special attention is paid to both the protection and exhibition of the socks. The custom socks packing boxes are built with a see-through window that may be left open or made with a clear, transparent UV Vinyl plastic sheath since socks are a product that is sold over the counter. Before deciding to buy, the window enables customers to select and evaluate the socks’ colour and quality.

The disposable cardboard, which is thin, sturdy, and still lightweight, is generally used to create bespoke socks box packing. There are two types of personalised socks boxes that are offered for sale to consumers. When more than one pair of socks are packaged and exhibited for sale, the first type of boxes is employed. One pair of socks from the client’s selection is then sold. However, a single pair of higher-quality socks is packaged and made available for purchase.

Both types of socks packing boxes available online feature see-through windows and flip-style lids that open at the top. Then, the most gorgeous colour combinations are printed on both types of boxes. The relevant graphics and information are printed on the boxes in two colour schemes for the male and female target markets. Realistic colours can be used to print human portraits, while vibrant and sparkling colour combinations can be used to print text and other decorative visuals.