What is Gummed Paper Tape?

Gummed Paper Tape has risen in importance in recent years as a result of its near-perfect environmental credentials and exceptional packaging efficiency. But what exactly is Gummed Paper Tape, so why should we use it?

Gummed Paper Tape is also known as water active tape because when wet, the natural glue adhesive becomes sticky and adheres to the box firmly. The gummed tape was becoming obsolete at the time, owing to its inconvenient application.

To help the application procedure go faster, there are hand and machine dispensers on the market. Because dispensers for other types of tape will not operate, they must be for gummed tape exclusively. Because the tape’s adhesive hasn’t yet been activated, these dispensers wet it and cut it to the length needed to close the box.

Aside from the fact that it takes longer to sell goods with gummed tape, there are other advantages to doing so. The most secure options for your items are polypropylene, PVC, acrylic, and gummed tape. The fibreglass strands in the tape are responsible for this. They are quite powerful, making tampering with the packaging quite evident. It’s exceedingly tough to remove without leaving evidence that it was recently opened.

BUY Packaging Boxes also provide Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape for added carton strength and stiffness, as well as a stronger pilfer-resistance. For further strength and burst resistance, this tape is strengthened with cross-woven glass fibres that are bonded between the high-tensile sheets.

What exactly is the distinction between the self-adhesive paper tape and gummed tape?

Water-activated Kraft paper tape, often known as gummed tape, is far superior to self-adhesive paper tape. Because when you use it, the water will soak into the carton paper, causing it to become one with the carton. However, regardless of whether you use self-adhesive paper tape, crepe paper, PVC, or PE film, it will be constricted and easily peeled off without leaving a trace, leaving you unable to protect the items within the carton.
Tamper-proof tape might also be used to seal the container and leave a mark to deter thievery. However, it is far more expensive than Kraft paper tape that is activated with water.

So, when it comes to product safety, strong adhesion, and usage evaluation, the gummed tape is an excellent choice for packing your boxes, especially if your items are valuable or expensive.

Features of Gummed Paper Tape:

1. Environmentally Friendly:
Water-activated tape is fully biodegradable and environmental because it is composed of paper. As a result, you’ll have less packaging waste right away! Gummed paper tape is created from 100% sustainable organic materials and is totally recyclable and biodegradable. Because of these characteristics, it can be left on the carton and discarded with it.
The tape is also solvent-free, making it simple to recycle the gum. Many businesses have used gummed paper tape to improve their environmental credentials and appeal to a wider range of increasingly environmentally conscious customers.
In a nutshell, gummed paper tape is 100% renewable and reusable, making it a great green alternative to regular packaging tape.

2. Cost-Effective:

Although gummed paper tape has a greater initial cost than regular packaging tape, the majority of these expenditures are related to dispenser purchases. Gummed paper tape is more cost-effective in the long run since just the necessary length of tape is supplied, and each parcel only requires a single strip of tape to be securely sealed and pilfer-proof. Gummed paper tape is also more advantageous since it reduces the risk of lost or damaged items, which may save money by decreasing marginal returns and substitutes.
In simple words, you’ll have complete control over the amount of tape used to seal your boxes if you pair it with an automatic dispenser. This lowers the quantity of tape you need to buy by reducing excess use and waste.

3. Strength:

Gummed paper tape is stronger than normal packing tape and is ideal for sealing containers. It forms a “bond” with your box once sprayed, making the entire package stronger and more secure. Higher quality protection equals less damage, lowering the expense of repairing broken or lost items.

Two layers of Kraft paper and a layer of natural rubber adhesive make up the gummed paper tape. When the glue adhesive comes into touch with water, it penetrates the liner and forms a full connection with the carton, thereby forming an important part of the box. This can help make the package much more durable and secure.

4. Indications of Tampering:

Any effort to separate the two leads to damage to the carton, presenting evidence of any tampering that may have happened, due to the way the gummed paper tape is fastened to the box. The tape can not be resealed after it has been tampered with, guaranteeing that any intrusion is instantly apparent upon receiving any package. During the distribution process, this tape can also be used as a deterrent against tampering.
Tamper-evident gummed paper tape is a great option. It is impossible to reseal a box after it has been removed, making it clear whether your package has been tampered with.

5. Good Presentation:

One of the most essential advantages of utilizing paper tape is that it is much more eye-catching than its alternatives. A single strip of gummed paper tape makes every package look much more neatly wrapped, and the cleaner appearance may make unwrapping more enjoyable. A package sealed with gummed paper tape will always appear neater and more professional, reflecting well on both your goods and your entire business.
Paper tape-sealed packages appear sleek and professional, enhancing the image of your goods and business. They’re also simple to print on, making them a terrific low-cost way to advertise your business by including a logo or a customized message in your deliveries.

6. Tolerance to Extremes of Temperature:

Unlike typical plastic tapes, which can lose their seal quality when exposed to extreme temperatures, gummed paper tape is glued to the carton in such a way that it can tolerate a broad range of temperatures. Gummed paper tape performs well in high humidity and cold temperatures, guaranteeing that it bonds effectively no matter how it is applied, stored, or transported. Our gummed paper tape is also extremely ageing resistant, making it ideal for long-term preservation in any climate.
A big advantage of gummed paper tape is its resistance to temperature changes. If you need to send or keep your packages in humid or frigid circumstances, this is the way to go.

7. Reduce Wastage:

When used with a tape dispenser, especially one that is automated, just the exact quantity of tape needed to seal the package is supplied. This helps to avoid any extra packaging waste, as well as speeding up the packing process and minimizing operator fatigue, which is especially beneficial for medium-to high-volume users.

8. Individualized:

Another fantastic advantage of gummed paper tape is that it is incredibly easy to print on, which adds to the unpacking experience for the client. The use of a single strip of tape for sealing also ensures that your brand’s picture takes centre stage on the box, with no additional tape overlap.

9. Packaging Efficiency:

To activate gummed paper tape, you’ll need a tape dispenser that automatically moistens and cuts the tape as needed. This eliminates needless waste production, and a little automation in your packaging process will help you pack faster, allowing you to generate more input in less time.

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